About Us


Welcome to DME Services of Texas. We provide billing services that are second to none!

DME Services of Texas can help you to:

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Increase collections
  • Shorten the turn-around time of your money
  • We have expertise in providing billing services using MedAct and Brightree platform.


DME Services of Texas, Inc. is a billing service provider dedicated solely to serve the needs of the HME/DME Supplier community. For over 20 years we have been dedicated to the task of providing quality billing and accounts receivable management services designed to meet the unique needs of the HME/DME Supplier.

Company Profile

DME Services of Texas is a member of “Medical Equipment Suppliers Association” and specializes in “Billing Medicare for Part B providers”. Started in 1992, we were one of the first billing service provider in Texas that was certified by “Palmetto Government Benefits Administrators”.

We successfully transmit hundreds of claims each month to Medicare and Medicaid for our clients.

All claims are transmitted to Medicare electronically; the payment floor is cut in half to only 14 days. As compared to paper submission of claims, the waiting time is reduced to half of the actual time.

Success stories: We strongly believe that “your success is our success”. Denial rate: We have made all efforts to keep our denial rate below 15%. Our First time right approach makes sure that the claims are submitted completely and accurately.

DSO: Day sales outstanding is used by a company to estimate their average collection period. The day‘s sales outstanding figure is an index of the relationship between outstanding receivables and credit account sales achieved over a given period. Graphical representation depicts an average of 50 days receivable, which can be reduced to 14 day using our expert services.